Labors of Love: Nurturing Resistance

I published an article in the Engenderings blog of the London School of Economics today. The article, Labors of Love: Nurturing Resistance, discusses how resistance can come in small forms, especially in the case of caretakers for whom resistance can have many meanings and manifestations. 

Recent weeks have felt white hot with mourning, filled with impotence at the path laid out—a path so many of us feel embraces our tendency towards darkness, rather than nudging us towards light.

Like many, I watched the results of the presidential election as if in slow motion, and muddled through the ensuing days with a palpable heaviness, dragged down by the weight of dread, in fear for the real bodies that match the description of “certain people” derided on our screens. But the quotidian beckoned, and life moved haltingly on. My young daughters still needed lunches packed, homework checked, tucking in at night. I began weaving together conversations with my children about right and wrong, about claiming their space and their bodies, about calling injustice by its proper name, for things that are not named crave power. I taught them that Spanish, the language of their mother and mine, is still beautiful on the tongue, and that kindness can still dance on our lips.

I wanted to protect my children, to prepare them, to help them navigate what is taking place. 

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